• Boise Weekly Article

    Benjamin Schultz of the Here Comes the Dumptruck blog graciously sat down with Dedicated Servers to talk music and the new album "Bryan Taylor"

  • Earthlings Entertainment Article

    Earthlings Entertainment caught up w/ DS to gather all their Treefort Music Festival afterthoughts, including their favorite performances, crazy stories, and the beloved festivals future.

  • UStream Link

    Here it is! Click the picture for live streams of our shows or random adventures. Obviously this link won't be alive a lot of times, but every once in awhile we will have the cameras on. The best way to stay posted on when we will stream is to stay in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter, as well as through here!

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    Please! We're so happy you visited our site and hope you'll leave us some comments, suggestions, phone numbers (girls only), .gifs, anything! We can't reiterate enough: thank you for listening!


Welcome to the new page!

Dave the Fave here, and we’d like to send a huge thanks to Levi for helping us with this site. It’ll get better over time, so stay tuned for the store to be updated as well as a UStream link, where we plan to stream a lot of our live events as well as random adventures!

If you look to the right, you’ll find a couple ways to listen to our music via Bandcamp and Soundcloud. If you’d be so kind, you can also donate any amount of money to us via the DONATE button. Any amount is extremely appreciated. We really just need your donations to eat.

Also listed on the right are upcoming events, guestbook comments (which you can sign by following the link at the top of the page), and our latest photos on IG.

Thank you for listening :) Peace and love to all of you out there.